[Interior design and architecture]

About Maltan Design

Maltan Interior Design and Architecture Group with more than a decade of experience and experience in the field of interior architecture, in 1394 with the establishment of Maltan Design Company has started its professional activity in the field of interior architecture; Thanks to God Almighty and the trust of its customers, with creativity and innovation, and cooperation with its specialized, experienced, efficient and committed forces, it has been able to be in this position.
Maltan Design tries to design and execute projects that are sustainable and cost-effective, using the latest design methods and construction technologies.

Multan Design activities and services in the field of interior design and architecture:
• Consulting, design, supervision and implementation (zero to one hundred projects)
• Reconstruction, renovation and improvement of all spaces (residential, commercial office, villa)
• Design and Decoration
• Facade design and lighting
• Design, construction and landscaping of the villa
• Design and implementation of exhibition stands
• Design and implementation of false ceilings (knauf, virtual sky and elastic)
• Design and implementation of kitchen cabinets
• Design and manufacture of all wooden decors (cupboards, sideboards, consoles, TV decor, etc.)
• Design and implementation of various types of paper and wall posters
• Execution of various types of flooring (laminate, parquet, carpet, etc.)
• Selling special decoration materials and accessories

Other features and services that make you choose Maltan Interior Design and Architecture Company:
– Customer Satisfaction
– High quality service
– Service and performance guarantee
– Investing in large projects
– Acceptance and welcome of ideas
– Customer Orientation
– long term purposes
– change
– Being regular and committed in work and project delivery
– Fairness and honesty in action

We have come to be the designer and architect of your dreams.
We hope that the fruit of our activity will satisfy you.
Our capital and credit is your trust.

[Interior design and architecture]

Multan Design Strategy


Our mission

Maltan Design Mission

• Ensuring the long-term growth and development of Maltan Design's activities by relying on technical and specialized knowledge, experimental ability and utilizing the best forces and up-to-date executive standards
• Value and optimal time management in the design, supervision and implementation of architectural and interior design projects
• Quality assurance and cost-effectiveness of projects
• Use of modern technologies
• Spread the culture of customer orientation
• Employing experienced and committed manpower


Our vision

Maltan Design Vision

• Strengthen the company's brand and become a reputable brand in the interior design industry, in order to increase the interests of customers and buyers by designing, building and executing special quality projects and special materials with commercial, office, residential and service uses.
• Attracting domestic and foreign participation in the fields of investment and engineering
• Design and implementation of special projects with special uses such as architectural, office, commercial, villa and service projects
• Creating a suitable platform for more participation of specialized and committed forces in the economic development of the country
• Creating job opportunities in the field of interior architecture
• Applying new strategies and methods in the executive affairs related to interior architectural designs


our goals

Maltan Design Goals

The main goal of Maltan Design Company is to improve the quality of life and living space of all sections of society by improving the quality of design and construction. Maltan Architects Group has been able to play an important role by utilizing the high artistic, scientific, and technical capabilities of its experienced design-engineering team, having extensive executive and architectural facilities in accordance with international standards, as well as localizing knowledge and applying world architectural day patterns. In the design and construction of a variety of projects. Maltan Design's lofty goal is to improve the public view of interior architecture and increase its quality components.
Maltan Design has more than a decade of experience in design, implementation, contract management and excellent supervision of construction projects (residential and villa, office and commercial, etc.) in Tehran and other cities.
Visualizing the spirit of life expectancy is the main intellectual background and the ultimate goal of all our designs.